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Citdex Exodus Digital is a financial technology company helping make illiquid assets liquid. It provides institutions enterprise-grade blockchain solutions enabling customers to digitize assets, launch markets, and reduce operational costs. Citdex Exodus Digital powers digital asset networks on 5 continents and is led by a seasoned team with over 200 years in financial technology.

Citdex Convergent Services (CCS) is the world’s first complete, 100% regulatory compliant platform for investment and underwriting of Security Token Offerings (STOs) offered in the world. CCS guides companies through the evolving regulatory environment and common technical challenges to turn your nascent idea into a profitable business.

Citdex Network is a complete securitization platform for the real-world asset.

Citdex Network is a blockchain platform explicitly designed to launch security tokens and help companies comply with the existing regulatory framework.

Citdex Network helps in the transition of traditional asset classes of companies to move to blockchain and hence in their tokenization.

All issues related to buildings operation

A simple drag-and-drop workflow that lets issuers construct offerings from beginning to end; define terms of the deal, set distribution rules, and tokenize securities in a single click.

Ares Systems engine can conduct KYC in 160+ countries, AML on both fiat accounts and cryptocurrency wallets, and source of funds and accredited investor verification.

Our system is ledger-agnostic; plug directly into Citdex Network’s flexible Exodus Digital™, access a network of global markets, and execute transactions across a range of blockchain technologies.

Our automated tokenization process converts private securities into tradeable tokens; our patent-pending securitization model enhances liquidity regardless of asset type.

Why tokenize?

By making ownership tokenized, an investor can move from the world of certificates and trusted intermediaries to the digital disintermediated world of the blockchain. Holding ownership of assets - by virtue of holding tokens or trading them - can become simple and efficient.


Traditionally illiquid assets can increase their liquidity on the blockchain


Traditionally illiquid assets can increase their liquidity on the blockchain


Some new investors who traditionally had no access to invest can now participate


New financing models, never possible before