The Citdex Network Service and Platform

We help companies administer their offering in compliance with applicable regulations and the legal guidance provided by the issuer's legal team.
The Citdex Network platform allows the token issuer's solicited investors to register and go through the investment process, including KYC/AML, accreditation, and other legal requirements - extending all the way to the issuance and delivery of security tokens.
The platform allows the token issuer to customize its Smart Contract to match its unique business model, manage regulatory compliance, and seamlessly issue security tokens.
After the offering, Citdex Network maintains a dashboard on the platform where certain relevant information to the token issuer's management functions is provided in a user-friendly format.

Citdex Network is a turnkey, white-label solution for the tokenization of securities issued by funds, companies, and other entities. Securitize manages the processing of the solicited investors from login to capital received, as well as the issuance and management of the security tokens throughout the lifetime of the asset.

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